Process Your Own Deals

Automate Your Short Sale Business With ShortSaleAutomator!

Stop wasting valuable time doing short sales the OLD way

Property Overview

At one glance, you can see a complete overview of the short sale. Percentage complete, recent activity, Buyer, Seller and Property details and more...

Complete Short Sale Management
Take control of your Short Sale management. Our system allows you to organize and track your deals at the push of a button.

Document Management
All documents are uploaded ot one central screen which you can control. Lock in documents and set viewing access

Buyer and Seller Online Access
Creating online access accounts for Buyers and Sellers will save you valuable time and eliminate the phone calls!

Professionals Online Access
Give restricted role based access to any real estate professional so they can provide documents and information - have THEM work for YOU!

Sub-Users In Your Company
Create sub-user accounts for everyone in your office that needs full access to work the short sale from beginning to end.

Property Activity Log
Need to review the history of each Short Sale's process? Our Activity log keeps track of everything for you and can be pulled up at will.

Valuation, Title and BPO Reports
Gain an advantage over the lenders - see the numbers THEY see! This incredible tool will allow you to make offers with confidence.

Notes and Private Messaging
Our notation system will allow you to log either private or transparent notes to be reviewed by appropriate parties per your authorization.

Customize Default Documents
Setting up your OWN default documents is a HUGE time saver! You can add additional components as needed on each property.

Final Package Generator
Here you can select which documents you want to include in the package you are building for a specific mortgage - build multiple packages in seconds!

Fax & Email Package Submittion
You can fax or email the package to the lender directly through our system. We also offer a download option


System Benefits


Systemized RESULTS - With all the hundreds of steps involved in a short sale... why leave any room for confusion. Short Sale Automator automates EVERY STEP, Guaranteed!


CLEAR Lines of Communication for every party involved. Free yourself up from hours on the phone and tracking down faxes.


INSTANT Credibility - Bankers will recognize you as a serious force in the Short Sale world when they receive your packages - and APPROVE them!


From an automated HUD-1 to Notes, Tasks, Activity Logs, Title and Valuation Reports - you have all the tools you will need to build a formittable case for your Short Sale.


FORGET Faxing Forever - What is a fax machine in this day and age? A dinosaur tool for dinosaurs.

Email and virtual faxing directly through the system with the push of a button!

Party Access

In almost every deal there are a dozen individuals or more involved in the Short Sale.

Let each party monitor and complete their own phase of each deal so you don't have to!


Getting the deal funded is a critical step in moving the Short Sale to completion - We provide valuable resources to get funded fast!


NO More Micro-Management - Don't worry about every minuscule detail. You have people and software for that now!

Perfect Packages

Make The BEST First Impression - Our packages are the sleekest, most complete in the industry. Give your image that Pro Touch!

Peace of Mind

Gain the PEACE Of MIND and Security Blanket that your competitors wish they had. Never again will you worry about the hundreds of details that go into each Short Sale Deal.

Special Offer

5 System Users & Unlimited Short Sales
Perfect for Medium Offices & Multi-Agent Partnerships
Unlimited Number of Participating Parties on a Deal
Low Monthly Maintenance
Live Support & Direct Feedback Assistance
Includes Lifetime Monthly Upgrades
Includes Video Training

Only $997 & $97/mo!
(Instant Access - No Contract!)




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